What's In Your Drinking Water?

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Get the clean, refreshing water you deserve with the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system. Innovative in design, the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system provides a simple, effective solution requiring no chemicals or salt for regeneration. The blend of medias used effectively remove sulfur, hydrogen sulfide gas, iron, heavy metals, and other taste affecting contaminants. The media bed also reduces turbidity in your water and has properties which inhibit bacteria growth.

The Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system is a single tank solution, taking up much less space than the unsightly contact tank and aerator tank solutions. Also, being a closed system, it does not have the unsanitary and algae growth problems that come with open air aerators.

For a total soft conditioned water solution, team up the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock and Gold IronBlock systems and get great water.

  • Removes sulfur and iron and that “rotten egg” odor in a single solution
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No costly chemical pumps
  • No unsightly contact tanks and unsanitary aerators


Pure, safe, delicious water is vital to our health and our well being. With Osceola Aquatics’ water conditioning systems you can be assured that contaminants, bacteria, and viruses are removed from your water. A never-ending supply of healthy, great tasting water for drinking, baby formula, and your pets is at your fingertips.

Your coffee, juices, teas, soups, and all your favorite recipes will taste better; your ice cubes will be crystal clear. There is no longer a need to spend your money on expensive bottled water or to pollute our landfills with the empty plastic bottles.


Water touches every area of our lives and is essential to our survival. Unfortunately, it also contains contaminants from natural and man-made sources, such as minerals, gases, bacteria, viruses, metals and chemicals. Some contaminants are harmless. Some like e-coli, nitrates, arsenic, lead, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides can adversely affect your health and must be removed before water is safe to drink. Other contaminants must be eliminated because they damage equipment, stain laundry and fixtures and emit odors. Other contaminants such as iron or dissolved limerock (hardness) must be eliminated because they damage water using appliances, stain laundry & plumbing fixtures, and can emit odors.

Our trained water specialists accurately assess what is in your water and, in consultation with you, determine the best way to improve its quality to your satisfaction. Some systems clean the water before it enters your home, others remove contaminants at the tap for drinking and cooking purposes.

We are here to help ensure your family’s drinking water is as safe as possible!


Properly selected water treatment equipment can prevent mineral buildup from coating the heating element in electric hot water heaters. Hard mineral build up can create a barrier between the water and the gas burner or the electric heating element, diminishing efficiency of the heater and increasing your energy bill.

Properly selected water treatment equipment also protects sinks, faucets, and shut-off valves by preventing scale or iron buildup that causes them to fail and require premature replacement. Acid water can be neutralized to prevent corrosion and etching of these same fixtures that would decrease their life span and detract from their appearance. The beauty of your granite countertops will be protected from permanent stains also caused by hard water or from etching from acid water.

Let Osceola Aquatics help you bring excellent and safe water into your home!

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