As the warmer weather approaches, so do the mosquitoes and with the recent health concerns over the Zika Virus, it’s important to be vigilant against these stubborn insects. Here are a few things you can do to combat these pesky pests and enjoy your backyard and swimming pool oasis. Although you may not be able to completely eliminate mosquitoes, you can reduce the number with these tips.
Eliminate Standing Water: Water is a breeding environment for mosquito larvae. Make sure you keep your gutters and down spouts clear of debris. Empty all items such as water gardens, bird baths, empty plant pots and animal drinking containers for at least a few days and refresh the water frequently. Use a mosquito-proof mesh screen to seal and cover rain barrels. By eliminating all these standing water sources you are taking away ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean: If you are fortunate to have a screened enclosure, make sure all your screens and doors are in good working order. Run your pool’s filter and monitor your chemicals to minimize the mosquitos.  Mosquitoes do not lay eggs in disinfected and filtered swimming pools.
Trim and Spray Foliage and Water Sparingly:  Mosquitoes love low thick vegetation such as shrubs and weeds. Keep them trimmed and spray with an insecticide both on the top and underneath the leaves. Don’t over water your lawn and create standing pools that won’t evaporate quickly.
Repellant Products: Use citronella candles and coils to mask the carbon dioxide we exhale keeping bugs away, however, these products are only effective at a limited distance.
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