With Florida’s abundance of sunshine and balmy breezes, residents can get the full return on their swimming pool and outdoor living investment year-round. That’s why now is the best time to think about building, renovating or upgrading your pool with the hottest trends. Here are just a few to spark your creativity.


  1. Infinity Pools: This pool design continues to be a hot design trend if you have an amazing view you’d like to admire from your pool. The water spills over the pools edge creating a never-ending effect.


  1. Knife-Edge Pools: An update on the infinity pool, these pools have water flowing over all four edges of the pool, creating a mirror-effect.from a small slit at the edges of the pool where the water disappears and has the advantage of virtually no edge material creating a sleek reflective effect.


  1. Petite Pools: Also known as plunge pools or “spools” (pool/spa) are a hot trend especially where space and/or budget is limited.


  1. Lounging Ledges: Also known as Baja shelves or tanning ledges are submerged in about a foot of water at the pool’s edge and are great for splash time with the kids or laying on a lounge chair to catch a few rays while reading a book.


  1. Soothing Water: Adding the sounds of running water from water features like rock waterfalls or water spouts can enhance your outdoor living space and create a relaxed atmosphere.


  1. Finishing Touches: Whether is crushed pebbles or glass tiles, these touches to your pool’s edge are trendy and timeless and are long lasting and low maintenance too.


  1. Light Touches: From dramatic to playful, the possibilities are limitless when you add LED lighting to your pool that can change as often as your mood changes.


  1. Fire Features: Fire and water do mix when fire features are added to the swimming pool’s design. They come in all shapes and sizes and are easy to maintain. The stunning combination of these two opposing elements, especially at night, create a dramatic visual effect. Incorporating a fire feature does take some pre-planning early in the custom pool design process so be sure to mention that you want to add this to your pool design.


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