There are simple additions that can bring your pool into the 21st century. This will make your pool easier to care for which makes you really smart. These smart pools incorporate technology and some can easily interface with devices such as your smartphones and tablets.

You make your pool smart by utilizing some of the latest technology to monitor various aspects of your pool such as water temperature and chemical makeup and then integrate that with the Internet so you can remotely check on and even control your pool no matter where you may be.

  1. Robotic Pool Cleaner: very smart and efficient machines that clean your pool for you. Your pool literally is on cruise control.
  2. Smart Pool Monitor: using your own Wi-Fi network and smartphone or tablet, easily monitor the temperature of your pool, the chemical makeup of your pool, how much of each chemical you need, even control your LED pool lights and water features.
  3. Safety Alert Monitor: alerts with a piercing alarm if your child falls into a swimming pool. Any number of wristbands can communicate with single base station to protect multiple kids.

While some of these tools do require a little bit of an investment, you can save money on chemicals and time as it monitors your pool for you.

Whatever your upgrade or pool renovation need is, we can make it happen, and happen as you envision it! Osceola Aquatics is one of Central Florida’s trusted pool contractors. We are conveniently located at 1551 Kelley Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Take the next step to your dream pool by calling 407-846-1430 for a consultation today or visit us at

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