Proper and routine maintenance will ensure that your pool is in tip top condition and safe to enjoy, especially in the warm summer months.  There’s an old saving: “an ounce of prevention prevents a pound of cure.” So, here are ten tips to keeping your pool’s water crystal clear:

  1. Keep the skimmers and line basket free of debris.
  2. Skim pool water surface and vacuum pool bottom to remove leaves and debris.
  3. Keep the chemical levels within the ideal ranges by testing water balance, pH, Calcium Hardness and total alkalinity levels.
  4. Feed the pool with Chlorine or other sanitizer to satisfy its requirements either manually or automatically.
  5. Keep a preventative amount of algaecide in the pool as needed.
  6. Check the flow meter to be sure the pool is circulating water at a proper flow rate.
  7. Check the pool’s water level and adjust accordingly.
  8. Check filter pressure and backwash if necessary.
  9. Shock pool water after heavy usage and significant rainfall.
  10. Clean tile at the water line.

Always follow label directions for product usage and if you’re unsure how products are to be used, contact Osceola Aquatics. We’re here to answer your questions and to help you enjoy your pool for many years to come. We can provide you with the exact maintenance requirements and set up a schedule for your specific pool. Of course, if you find it’s easier to hire a pool service professional, Osceola Aquatics can provide that service too!

Osceola Aquatics is conveniently located at 1551 Kelley Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Stop by or call us at 407-846-1430.

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