Owning a custom-built swimming pool brings out the best of us no matter what our age and swimming pool games prove that we are all kids at heart. Here are our top five favorite games that made it on our list of fun-in-the-sun pool games.

  1. Marco Polo. Probably the number one pool game, this classic is basically tag in the water. The person chosen closes their eyes and yells “MARCO” the rest of the players respond with “POLO” while they move around the pool and try to avoid being caught.
  2. Invisi-Bottle. Fill a clear 2-liter plastic bottle with a white cap with pool water and line the players up on the pool deck with their backs to the water. When they hear the splash they can turn around, dive in and try to find it.
  3. Treasure Hunt. If you’ve got a bunch of spare change, this game can be fun for the little ones. Just throw a several handfuls of change in the pool and let your little swimmers scoop it all up. Add up each swimmer’s haul to see who won.
  4. Chicken Fight.  This game is like double decker wrestling in the water. There are two teams of two people – one on the top sitting on the shoulders of the one on the bottom. The object is to knock your opponent into the water, either by toppling just the “top” or both “top” and “bottom” together.
  5. Sharks and Minnows. This game is water tag at its best. One person is selected as the shark “lurking” at one end of the pool with the minnows at the other end. The minnows jump or dive into the pool and try to swim to the other side without getting tagged by the shark. Every minnow the shark tags joins the shark’s team and helps to tag other minnows. The last minnow becomes the first shark in the next round.


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