The job of the filtration system is to remove any un-dissolved dirt and debris from the water in your pool. While the skimmer basket and the hair and lint basket in the pump all play a part in the filtering of the pool water, the primary element of the system is the filter itself. If you backwash sand or DE filters too often, the filter cannot reach its cleaning potential and you are wasting water. Consult your pool professional to understand the role that the skimmer and pump basket play in keeping your pool clean. Always consult your owner’s manual for specifics related to the type of filter you have.
Things to do if your system is not working.
1. Verify that the skimmer baskets, pump basket and other screens are clean. Clean as necessary.
2. Check filter and clean as necessary.
3. Check valve positions. Adjust as necessary. Note: Multiple pieces of equipment operating at one time (for example, waterfalls, spa jets, and surface returns) will affect the cleaning system and may prevent it from working properly.
4. Check the filtration system manual to ensure that the system is adjusted according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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