If you are noticing your filter pressure is running low or your pump motor sounds strained, then the culprit is usually a clogged pump basket (the basket connected to the pool pump) or skimmer baskets full of leaves. Clogged baskets restrict the flow of water into the filter, which causes low pressure. A clogged impeller (blade inside the pump) can also cause low pressure. This should not happen if your pump basket is kept free of debris and in good condition.  If you have a suction type cleaner and have this problem often, try adding an in-line leaf catcher between your first and second hoses from the wall.  There might even be a need for a PRESSURE TYPE cleaner if you have an overabundance of leaves.

Cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets routinely is important to the overall maintenance of your swimming pool. Clogged baskets make your pump must work harder to try to cycle the water and can decrease the life and stress the seals in your pump.

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